Writer, Bestselling Author,
Award Winning Producer and Designer

Pamela Edwards

Writing and Literature

Pamela Edwards McClafferty is a bestselling author whose literary success is marked by her novel “In the Name of Todd,” which was optioned by Michael Landon as a mini-series. She also edited the Spellbound bestseller “BLUE” by Walter Jones and continues to honor his legacy with the 2024 launch of its 3rd Edition on Amazon. In addition to her previous works, Pamela’s bestseller “In the Name of Todd” is being rewritten and is set for re-release in Christmas 2024.

Film & Production

In the 1990s, Pamela co-founded Spellbound Pictures with her husband, Producer/Writer Mark McClafferty. Together, they raised $60 million with Canal+/Ellipse Programme to produce 12 family films, including the internationally acclaimed “The Climb,” which won six international film festival awards, including the UNICEF Award in Berlin. Spellbound’s current projects in development include the superhero series “The Knightwatchers” and the comedy “Rigleys of Rahway.”

Awards and Recognitions

Pamela’s extensive career in the arts has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. “The Climb” a film produced by Spellbound Pictures, received six international film festival awards, including the UNICEF Award in Berlin. Her contributions to various fields have solidified her as a multifaceted and influential figure in the arts and entertainment industry.


Pamela’s musical journey began at 11 years old and flourished when she sang across Europe with the Southern California Youth Chorale on scholarship. While majoring in music at the University of Arizona, she earned scholarships to the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera and recorded an album with the Unusual We, which remains popular in Japan, South Korea, and on Amazon. Her ongoing collaboration with multi-Grammy Award winner Stanley Clarke on “Artland the Musical” has been a significant highlight, spanning five readings, four workshops, and a six-month run as the first original musical in the Los Angeles High School for the Arts curriculum.

Fashion Design

Pamela’s influence in the fashion industry is notable with her designs being sold on 7th Avenue in New York to high-end stores like Bonwit Teller and Bloomingdales, as well as over 90 specialty boutiques. Her fashion journey reached a milestone in the 1990s when she sold her design business to co-found Spellbound Pictures.

Professional Affiliations

Pamela is an Emeritus member of SAG, AFTRA, and AGVA, and a member of ASCAP. These affiliations highlight her extensive involvement and respected standing in the performing arts and entertainment communities.

Without Pamela, the story of Blue would never have come to fruition. She is my friend, my mentor, my editor, my advocate, and my publisher. She has worked tirelessly for years. In return for her labor, she only asked that I do the same for another unknown author whose voice must be heard. She is a guardian of the arts and of those things that inspire and enlighten humanity. She is rare and precious.